What would you do with 64 kg (140 lb) of discarded glossy magazines? That was the question posed of Belgian designer Jens Praet when he got together with Elle Magazine. His response? Make furniture.

With the addition of clear resin, Praet was able to mold the shredded magazines into five pieces of household furniture: a table, a low table, a pair of book shelves, and a bench.

The most substantial item is the table, made from 26 kg (57 lb) of magazines. While the bench is the slightest, made from only 3 kg (7 lb) of paper, Praet claims it is capable of supporting an adult.

The overall visual effect is striking: predominantly monotone but with flecks of color. From a distance, it looks rather like granite.

The full set (Photo: Theo van Pinxteren/Industry Gallery)

This is not the first time we've seen furniture made from recycled paper, though here the effect is rather more aesthetically pleasing than Push Design's office furniture, admittedly from 2007.

These are limited edition pieces for the Industry Gallery, so if you were wondering where to put your Pulpop, your quest does not end here. Design Milk reports that the project is a collaboration with Elle Decor.

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