JVC monitor fully in the picture

JVC monitor fully in the pictu...
JVC Xiview LT-42WX70
JVC Xiview LT-42WX70
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JVC Xiview LT-42WX70 slim line monitor
JVC Xiview LT-42WX70 slim line monitor
JVC Xiview LT-42WX70
JVC Xiview LT-42WX70
JVC Xiview LT-42WX70
JVC Xiview LT-42WX70
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May 28, 2009 JVC has just released a 42-inch HD LCD monitor, the Xiview LT-42WX70, designed specifically for high-end digital SLR camera buffs and professionals alike. The 120Hz, 180p monitor lets pro or enthusiast see – and play with – the subtle colors, details and textures of their images.

Super slim – 1.63 inches (40.6mm) thick – the Xiview monitor features color space encompassing 100 percent of HDTV broadcasting and 96 percent of Adobe RGB color space, which is required for still photographs taken at high resolution on digital SLR cameras. The LT-42WX70 also features 52 picture-quality adjustment properties for tweaking image colors and tones, and JVC’s GENESSA Picture Engine for producing smooth, clear images without blur, color bleed or noise.

To operate the monitor, users simply select color mode depending on the source signal – still or video - from among Wide (the TV’s color space), Normal (ITU-R BT.709; HDTV standards), x.v.Color (xvYCC extended gamut), sRGB (same primaries as HDTV) and Adobe RGB. sRGB and Adobe RGB color spaces are exclusive for viewing digital still images.

JVC claims that the colors of photos taken using the Adobe RGB colors space will be faithfully reproduced in Adobe RGB mode, particularly deep reds and bluish greens.

Image adjustment is used to fine-tune the color, tint and gamma for different sources, which can be memorized for future use. To ensure color consistency between the source and display, JVC’s Individual Gamma Adjust System calibrates each panel’s grayscale tones to gamma 2.2. The Real Bit driver in the GENESSA Picture Engine processes in 12-bit (x RGB = 36-bit) and so up-converts 8-bit HD broadcasting and DVD signals or 10-bit Blu-ray signals into 12-bit Deep Color signals, regardless of the quality of the source signal, to produce videos with smoother gradation. The Chromaticity Point Conversion Circuit in the engine works to accurately match the colors to compensate for color bleed and drift caused by the gap in the source color format and the LCD’s color space.

Video quality

120Hz Clear Motion Drive III (100Hz for PAL video signals) in the engine reduces blurring on LCD TV, helping to make images with rapid movement clearer and smoother using a high-precision interpolation algorithm. The 3D real-time, motion-estimated Hadamard noise reduction is applied to eliminate noise, while suppressing blur. Picture signal frequencies are also divided into 16 sections and noise reduction performed per section to produce images without noise, while maintaining the realism and sharpness of the original picture.


The super slim monitor is supported by an elegant, curved pedestal and the rear of the monitor is finished in metallic silver without any visible vents or assembly screws. The TV can be adjusted at three different viewing heights or hung from a ceiling or wall. A slim stereo speaker running along the bottom of the panel can be removed to give an even sleeker, cleaner appearance if other speakers are connected.

Additional features

An intuitive graphical on-screen display can be accessed via the remote and touch-panel. The remote can control other devices connected to the display via HDMI consumer electronics control (CEC). Three HDMI CEC terminals, D-Sub 15pin with component video, and an audio input jack allow users to perform various operations. These include checking images on an HDMI-compatible SLR camera, editing stills on-screen by connecting to a PC via a D-sub 15-pin, or checking the accuracy of screen colors before printing high-res images.

The monitor measures 39 inches wide (991mm) x 28.25 inches high (718mm) x 1.63 inches deep (406mm) and weighs 26.4 pounds (12kg). Mounted on its stand, the monitor weighs 41.8 pounds (19kg) and is 6.75 inches deep (171mm). The JVC LT-42WX70 is available now and is priced at USD$2,399.95. For further information visit JVC.

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It is an awsome LCD MONITOR. JVC Xiview LT-42WX70 is an ultra-slim, wide-gamut flat-panel LCD.