March 27, 2008 There comes a time when a child will absolutely refuse to sit in their high chair or booster seat and you can guarantee it will be in the middle of a busy restaurant or when you have guests for dinner. A new product from the KABOOST Corp. may have the solution to this particular problem.

KABOOST is a child booster with a difference: it raises the height of chairs so your child can sit at the table in a normal kitchen or dining room chair. It is made of heavy duty plastic but weighs just 3.5 lbs so it is easy to carry and with dimensions of 13” x 12” x 6.75” it’s compact too. KABOOST has an adjustable spring system which means it easily adjusts to fit 4-legged chairs with round or square legs and a diagonal leg distance of between 19.5 inches and 30 inches. The system can be attached within seconds - the wide base ensures that the chair is very stable and the rubberized feet are non-slip and won’t scratch Mom’s floor. It will stay attached when the chair is moved and like Bloom's Fresco chair it will serve its purpose for years as it is designed for children from 20 months to 6 years of age (up to 300 lbs). KABOOST comes in green, chocolate and natural (to blend in with Mom’s dining room décor!) and it has the same heights as standard booster seats (4.5” and 3.75”) so when junior has a growth spurt you simply turn the KABOOST over and use the other height position.

New York City based KABOOST is the brainchild of Amir Levin. “Children reach a certain point in development– for most, it’s usually between the ages of 2 and 3 years old – in which they no longer want to sit in a special chair or booster seat. A child wants to be just like his mom and dad or older siblings. In fact, many children would rather sit on their knees and eat rather than use a booster seat,” says Levin.

A new addition to the KABOOST range was launched in early March this year. The KABOOST Deluxe comes with its own heavy-duty travel bag, making a trip to a restaurant or grandma’s house a little easier. The deluxe model currently comes in charcoal but there are plans to release a line of new colors.

The KABOOST Deluxe retails for USD$41.95 (a little more than the regular KABOOST which retails for $37.95) and the travel bag (sold separately) will retail for $9.95. See KABOOST for retailers.

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