UK-based Kahn Design is best-known for its striking alterations to existing vehicles, which have resulted in creations such as the Land Rover Defender 6x6, the Aston Martin Vengeance and the 105 Defender Pick Up. The company's latest project, however, is being designed and built from the scratch – it's a retro-inspired racer, code-named the Speed 7.

Kahn Design states that the new car "takes inspiration from the Grand Prix racers of the 1930s, with a focus on recreating the original experience of this era of motoring, using modern materials to deliver fantastic handling and performance."

It will likely feature a hand-built body made from either aluminum or carbon composite, with interior fixtures and fittings based on contemporary automotive and aircraft designs. There's currently no word on what will power the Speed 7, however.

Each automobile will feature an attached plaque listing the names of everyone who took part in building the car, and will also come with a book detailing each stage of the design and building process. Kahn Design is additionally planning to offer a line of period-style clothing and accessories, so that drivers will feel more at home when taking part in vintage race days at the local track.

The company is currently seeking inquiries from British firms that are interested in partnering on the project.

Source: Kahn Design

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