May 20, 2009 If you’re looking to share some of the video or photos stored on your mobile phone with an audience then the KDDI pico projector could be just the thing for you. Designed to work with the new KDDI iida G9 mobile phone and the upcoming iidda range, the Toshiba manufactured handset uses DLP display technology. It can project a 480x320 image of between six and 63 inches onto a flat surface or wall up to 8.2 feet (2.5m) away.

While the pico projector’s built-in 0.5W speaker won’t exactly leave your ears bleeding, it should be sufficient to handle small office presentations or home movies. The battery provides for up to 130 minutes of continuous viewing and can be fully charged in less than two hours. The projector accepts 3.5mm 4-pole and VGA input, making it compatible with the Cyber-shot S001, CA001, Wooo Keitai H001 and the Exilim Keitai W63CA, W63H, W62CA and W62H.

While the pico projector is not for lounge viewing, it's handy showing off holiday video and snaps, or similar occasions, stored on the phone – as long as your friends or work colleagues are prepared to stay awake.

The KDDI pico projector measures 50×112×18.3mm and weighs 128g. A limit of 3000 projectors will be released in Japan, with each costing about 39,600 yen (about USD$415) or, if you buy the iida G9 cell phone, just 19,800 yen (about USD$205).

Darren Quick

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