CES always throws up some gadgets that are more radical and fun than most, and this year is no different. Keecker, founded by ex-Google employee Pierre Lebeau, has unveiled an all-singing, all-dancing smart robot aimed at “redefining the home entertainment and connected devices market.”

Keecker’s new bot is a sleek creation that transports itself from room to room with a variety of multimedia functions at the ready. The device stands at 25 inches (63.5 cm) tall and features video projection, 360-degree audio and video capture, audio speakers, web browsing, gaming and video calling. It is is also able to monitor temperature, humidity, sound volume and light levels.

The Keecker bot is controlled by iOS, Android and web-based apps and is provided with one terabyte of internal storage space as well as a dock for recharging the unit. Perhaps most excitingly, Keecker plans to publish an open API for the bot, allowing developers to create their own apps and uses for the device.

There’s no shortage of promise from Keecker. Its website modestly states that the robot is “a device that will change everything,” and Lebeau himself says, "Creating a new dimension between technology, entertainment and our imagination, Keecker merges the physical and digital worlds for the first time.”

In reality, the US$4,000-$5,000 price tag will ensure that the Keecker remains fairly exclusive, at least initially. Getting your hands on one will also require plenty of patience – the robot is currently at prototype stage and will reportedly go through a Kickstarter campaign before delivery begins towards the end of the year.

Source: Keecker

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