With the Kemper Profiling Amplifier (or Profiler for short), Christoph Kemper aimed to offer guitarists similar sonic sampling capabilities enjoyed by keyboard players, but in an easy to use lunchbox package capable of authentically modeling any guitar amp tone. And though industry opinion appears to agree that he succeeded, diving into the Profiler's impressive arsenal of digital effects and amp models during a song can be a bit of a challenge, especially when in the studio or on stage. The newly-announced Remote puts the power to switch at a player's feet.

Though the Profiler amp is compatible with MIDI foot controllers, the new complementary control interface has been designed with full hardware and software integration in mind. Sprouting from the upper face of the Remote's gig-friendly metal housing that matches the look of the amp itself are buttons which cater for access to program patches, patch bank up and down and a built-in tuner. A Looper button activates the Profiler amp's new looper function, which records riffs and chops in stereo for 30 seconds, and four freely assignable Stomp FX buttons offer direct access to the multiple effects assigned to a current patch.

Switching between saved patches using the five footswitches along the bottom edge is reported to be both fast and smooth, avoiding the silent gap that can happen when moving to the next sound, and the LCD status display window to the top left helps the player keep on top of what working modes are engaged.

The included tap tempo button, which acts just like the tap tempo control on the front panel of the Profiler to adjust the tempo of delay, phaser, flanger and tremolo effects, also drives the amp's real-time Beat Scanner algorithm, which listens to the rhythm of the guitar and detects the beats-per-minute (between 80 and 160 BPM).

In addition to providing a means of communication between Profiler and Remote, the included 7 m (21 ft) Ethernet cable also sends phantom power from amp to foot controller. For players who like to wander around a bigger stage or use multiple Remote units and Profiler amps, the company reports that it's possible to extend the cable length to more than 100 m (300 ft) with the help of powered Ethernet hubs.

There are four TRS ports to the rear for plugging in additional pedals such as wah, expression or delay effects, and it's also possible to control external MIDI instruments via the Profiler amp's MIDI out port.

The Kemper Remote will be available in Q1 2015 for US$599, but will also be offered as a bundle with the Profiler amp for an as yet undisclosed price.

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