Not everyone needs a table tennis-football hybrid; the classics are classic for a reason. Those that love the classics of table tennis and foosball but lack the space of a large basement or dedicated game room at home now have a new option. Germany's Kickpack offers cardboard versions of both timeless table games, packing everything you need into handy cardboard suitcases.

Both the Tennino table tennis and Kartoni foosball sets are cardboard games sold in suitcase form. Bring them home, open the suitcase and all the pre-folded cardboard pieces fold and attach into full-sized table games in a matter of minutes, no tools or adhesives required. Tennino features all-cardboard construction, including the four paddles, while Kartoni uses light wood in the construction of the spinning rods, ensuring smooth gameplay and durability. Tennino uses a soft ball for gameplay, while Kartoni features a wooden ball.

When we first saw the cardboard Tennino set at the Nuremberg Toy Fair, we figured it was designed as a portable table tennis solution – something for bringing to tailgates and picnics. While you could theoretically use them on the go, Kickpack markets the table games as compact alternatives to large, permanent, expensive table games for home and office use. The company admits that the Tennino "net" is a bit tricky to put together, as it includes the scorekeeping dials, so breaking it back down into its original carry suitcase form might prove more work than it's worth. Instead, the company sees customers breaking the package down into net, tabletop and base and storing all the components in a closet or under the bed when not in use.

I'm not much of a table tennis player, but I did try playing a bit of Kartoni foosball and I was impressed with how smooth play was. The cardboard playing surface felt plenty solid when spinning and pulling the rods, and after a few minutes, you could forget you were playing on a cardboard table. As someone that once stuffed a much-too-big pool table into a small apartment dining room, I can definitely see the value of being able to break the game down and store it in a closet when no one's playing.

Given the possibility of wear and tear, Kickpack's cardboard table games probably are not the best solutions for rowdy, drunken frat houses, but they seem like they could be nice options for calmer, drier surroundings. Their simplicity, affordability and compact storage sizes are nice advantages over more permanent game tables.

The Tennino table measures 64.2 x 35.4 x 30.3 in (163 x 90 x 77 cm) when set up and 34.6 x 18.7 x 3.9 in (88 x 47.5 x 10 cm) in suitcase form. Kickpack doesn't list the sizing specs for the assembled Kartoni table, saying simply that it is the size of a Leonhart pub foosball table. Kartoni measures 58.7 x 17.3 x 3.9 in (149 cm x 44 cm x 10 cm) when packed up. Kartoni costs €99.90 (about US$112), and Tennino retails for €59.90 ($67). Kickpack also offers the two games as a combo for €129 ($145).

Source: Kickpack

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