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Kiddo proximity alarm system offers parents peace of mind

Kiddo proximity alarm system offers parents peace of mind
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February 19, 2008 Smart Target has developed a wireless proximity alarm system designed to boost child safety by helping parents quickly locate wayward young ones and keep them within a pre-set "virtual fence".

Previously we've encountered versions of this technology incorporated into specially designed kids mobile phones and even biological implants, and unfortunately in today’s world, there is a real need for this device. According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, in 2002 the US Department of Justice, announced that nearly 800,000 children (younger than 18) were reported missing over a period of one year, which averages at over 2,000 children being reported missing each day.

The Kiddo Kidkeeper system consists of a transmitter which is attached to the child and a receiver which is carried by the adult. The adult sets the maximum distance a child can wander to, if the child moves outside this area the Kiddo emits a warning sound and the transmitter shows a visual signal allowing the adult to retrieve the child quickly.

Smart Target is a research company which is based in Portugal and is dedicated to the development of monitoring products designed to keep children safe. It has taken just two years for them to develop the Kiddo Kidkeeper which was released in the second quarter of 2007.

To set the distance, the adult and child walk the perimeter of the area, once it is set, the Kiddo transmitter will show a blinking green light and the battery can be checked by the color of the LED. The transmitter is attached with a snap hook and should be firmly secured to the child’s clothing and the system uses a low frequency so there is no risk of interference with other electronic devices.

There are two monitoring distances to choose from, the short distance has a radius of 4 meters (approx. 13 feet) which is suitable for busy areas such as shopping centers with obstacles such as streets or stairs and also if the child is young or hyperactive. The long distance has a radius of 8 meters (approx. 26 feet) and is suited for more peaceful settings like a park or playground. The Kiddo is also capable of monitoring up to four children at once, with each child having a different beeping sound.

For further information visit the Kiddo Kidkeeper site.

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