Though websites like Facebook have made sharing baby photos with friends and family as easy as a few clicks of a mouse, this tends to leave people who are less computer-savvy (and those who just don't want a social networking presence) out of the loop. Enter Kidpost, a service that automatically scans your Instagram and Facebook feeds for your kid-related images, then compiles and sends them out in a daily email to a subscription list of your own making.

Kidpost is the creation of former Design Director of The New York Times Online, Khoi Vinh, who noticed that his in-laws were finding it tough to keep track of the many social networking sites himself and his wife Laura used to post photos of their child.

At the moment, Kidpost only supports Instagram and Facebook, though plans are afoot to add other services too, including Twitter, Vine, Flickr, and Dropbox.

To get started, one simply signs up to the Kidpost service and links the desired Facebook or Instagram account (you can also add your partner's account). An email subscription list can then be built, and each photo you upload to Facebook or Instagram with the required hashtag #kidpost will be duly scanned and packaged into a daily email for subscribers eyes only.

Subscribers don't need to sign up to the service, but do need to click on a link to allow Kidpost to send them email. There's no public record of the photos anywhere or any place to see them all online.

Of course, there are some drawbacks to this system: it still requires that the technophobe family member or friend in question can receive emails, and the thought of handing over social network access to a third-party service will put some people off.

Kidpost is in Beta at the moment and is free to use. However, an as-yet undecided "small charge" is eventually planned for the service.

Source: Kidpost

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