For the last few years, data security breaches by those who are supposed to safeguard our personal data have never been far from the front pages of the popular press. Incredibly, on numerous occasions employees entrusted with sensitive data have been exposed circumventing strict security procedures put in place to keep our personal information confidential. Now, Kingston has launched a new Flash drive storage solution which offers ease-of-use functionality to users and allows security to be managed centrally by employers.

Figures recently released by the Ponemon Institute have shown that costs relating to data security breaches are rising. It is believed by some folks in the data protection community that such costs will start coming down eventually as the public becomes more and more blasé about data breach news due to its frequency. However, the fact that we haven't yet reached such a point means that the cost per compromised record currently stands at US$214, with each data breach event costing an average of US$7.2 million.

Hopefully, the day when we no longer care so deeply about data security breaches will never come, and a new development from Kingston Digital could help organizations ensure that public confidence remains intact. As the name implies, the DataTraveler 4000-M Managed (DT4000-M) USB 2.0 Flash drive is a fully managed version of the company's DataTraveler 4000 drive announced earlier in the year.

Like its cousin, the new DT4000-M enjoys FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certification for the entire cryptographic module, and features hardware-based, 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) in CBC mode. Developed specifically for enterprise release, the waterproof and titanium-coated, stainless steel-encased drive also offers centralized management of Flash drives via SafeConsole for Kingston server software from BlockMaster.

The number of password attempts before lock down can be customized, there's a coating/seal which will show if the drive has been tampered with, and password length and character type options can be configured.

The DT4000-M will be available in four capacity sizes – the 2GB is priced at US$62, the 4GB at US$74, the 8GB at US$103, and the 16GB at US$195. Both Kingston and BlockMaster are currently demonstrating the security solution at the Infosecurity Europe Conference at London's Earl's Court.