If you've ever sat down to watch a program on TV only to wake up as the closing credits are rolling, there's a new wearable device in which you may be interested. Kipstr makes sure you don't miss your show by dozing off. The wristband recognizes if you fall asleep, and starts recording.

Kipstr was created by Manchester Creative Studio students Ryan Oliver and Jonathan Kingsley, who are 15 and 14 years old respectively. The UK-based pair were taking part in Virgin Media's Switched on Futures scheme aimed at developing digital skills.

The device uses a pulse-oximeter to monitor the wearer's heart rate while they are watching TV. When its spark core chip detects that the wearer's heart rate has fallen, it communicates with their TiVo box to begin recording the remainder of the program that is being watched. The Kipstr can also be used to trigger the program to start playing again when it detects that the wearer has woken up.

Kipstr inventors Ryan Oliver and Jonathan Kingsley

The device is powered by a small lithium-polymer battery. The strap itself is 3D-printed in Polyjet resin using an Objet Connex 3D Printer. According to Virgin Media, Polyjet was used as it is more robust than the "rigid plastics used by most 3D printers."

Virgin Media suggests that the Kipstr could also be used for monitoring the emotional responses of users to different TV programs, tagging the programs appropriately for future reference. Similarly, it could be used to control other devices in the home when the wearer falls asleep, such as turning off lights or the heating to save money.

Virgin Media says it will be trialing the Kipstr this Christmas.

Source: Virgin Media

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