As our cities become more crowded, with people being crammed into ever-tighter communities, living space is at an absolute premium. With that in mind, furniture that either fulfills more than one purpose or which takes up very little room will be very much in demand. Klapptischbank Up Up Up, which literally translates into Folding Table Bench Up Up Up, is one possible solution to this problem.

Klapptischbank Up Up Up only has one purpose - to provide a dining table and chairs in an impressive-looking all-in-one unit - but it makes the most of the space by folding away when not in use. When opened out it sits 70 cm (28 inches) wide, 130 cm (51 in) deep, and 75 cm (30 in) high. When closed it's just as wide and its height increases to 125 cm (49 in), but it only sits 25 cm (10 in) deep. This means it's perfect for sliding into a tall but narrow space, or even leaning up against a wall. Its compact size when folded also makes it easy to transport.

The set is designed to seat up to four people, though I suspect that would be a tight squeeze. For picnics or barbecues this would be a great piece of furniture, but for everyday use it could struggle to cope with the demands of a family unit enjoying multiple mealtimes together each and every day.

Klapptischbank Up Up Up may not be the best solution to the problem of dwindling living spaces, but it's surely preferable to eating on the floor. It will set you back €400 (US$490).

Source: Magazin via NOTCOT

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