It's nice to be able to cycle to a picnic in the park, but what happens if you want to take your barbecue with you? Well, you could try towing a full-size model behind your bike, or you could just get the compact (but extendible) handlebar-mounted Knister Grill.

Created by Munich-based entrepreneur Carolin Kunert, the Knister attaches to any type of bars using a non-permanent size-adjustable steel bracket. The grill only stays on the bike while in transit, carrying the coals, food and utensils within it.

Upon reaching the park, the user pulls the grill off its mount, and totes it basket-style by its steel carrying handles. Once it's time to start cooking, those handles fold down to become its legs. Depending on how much food is being prepared, the Knister can then be used in its present state, or the two sliding halves of its body can be pulled apart from one another, doubling its length.

After the coals have been lit and are glowing nicely, food is placed on one or both of the included stainless steel grill racks. The main rack has two "zones" – one with wide slots for things like steaks, and one with narrower slots for smaller items such as veggies.

Once the picnic is over and the spent coals are disposed of, the Knister reportedly takes only about four minutes to cool to a transport-safe temperature. The interlocking stacked grill racks (which are dishwasher-safe) then keep any residual coal dust from blowing into the user's face as they're riding home.

If you're interested, the Knister is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. A pledge of €99 (about US$117) will get you one, when and if they reach production. The estimated retail price is €179 ($211). There's also a non-extendible model, available for a pledge of €69 ($81) – retail €139 ($164).

You can see the Knister Grill in use, in the following video.

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