Kodak, a company best known for its film-based cameras from another era, is jumping into the Android smartphone game. With companies like Apple. Samsung, LG, Motorola and HTC duking it out for handset sales, it could be difficult for Kodak to jump into the space, with the brand struggling to find an identity in the modern world.

Details are scarce at this point, with the company announcing that it intends to show off its first device at CES 2015. Naturally, Kodak is going to bring a photography focus to its handset, with promises of "best-in-class image management software" and "easy access to printing and sharing services."

Kodak isn't building the phone itself, instead turning to Bullitt Group, the company that builds CAT's rugged Android phone. A major focus in the announcement is the user interface, which Kodak promises will be focused on users seeking a high-end device without a complicated interface. Considering most high-end smartphones already have relatively simple (and familiar) interfaces, it should be interesting to see what Kodak has in store.

In addition to the 4G handset, Kodak is also promising a tablet and connected camera under its new Android ambitions. Time will tell how these devices fare in the competitive market, but to say it's going to be an uphill climb would be an understatement.

Source: Kodak via Engadget