The toilet is often referred to as "the throne," and Kohler is almost taking that expression literally with the introduction of its new Numi model. We've already seen the Kohler C3 toilet seat, which was pretty advanced in its own right, but the Numi certainly wears the crown as one of the most feature-packed toilets we've ever seen, and it comes with a US$6,650 price tag to match.

So, what does a toilet in this price range actually do? Let's start with the new stuff that comes with this upgraded model, as Kohler already had a $6,400 version available. Now, the toilet features a Bluetooth receiver that allows users to stream music directly from their smartphone. It also adds an SD card and slot for users to create playlists or program a personalized greeting. After all, who wouldn't want their toilet to say hello before they have a seat?

Another new feature is ambient lighting, which includes seven different colors. Users can have the Numi cycle through each of the colors, or have a different color set for each day of the week.

The new Numi also includes a battery back that can support up to 100 flushes, so even in an extended power outage, the toilet will still function as normal.

The final new feature comes in the form of a USB port on the back. This allows service techs to come out and update the firmware on the toilet. That's right, the toilet has firmware.

While those features are interesting, that's only what has been added to the new version. Every luxury item you could imagine is on both the old and new version of the Numi. These include a bidet and heated dryer, heated seats, foot warmers, custom settings for individual users, and a built-in music player. If you can think of something that would make going to the bathroom more enjoyable, this toilet probably has it.

Like the original Numi, everything on the new model is controlled through a wireless remote. Even the lid of the toilet seat is opened and closed through the remote. The bidet, heater, foot warmers, seat warmers, music, lighting, and flushing are all controlled through this remote, so no one will ever have to actually touch the toilet itself – at least, not with their hands.

Source: Kohler via Mashable

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