Korean start-up rocks fledgling robotics industry

Korean start-up rocks fledgling robotics industry
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Korean robotics start-up Mostitech has rocked the fledgling personal robotics marketplace by announcing the mid-year availability of a home security robot that will sell for around AUD$1100.Prior to the announcement, the home security robot ics marketplace had seemed likely to become the domain of the Japanese consumer electronics manufacturers which already have several such robots available on the Japanese domestic market for prices in the AUD$15,000+ area.a Motitech's robot appears to have similar functionality to the Japanese giants and with a price of less than 10%, is sure to stimulate the industry.The as-yet unnamed robot is battery-operated and patrols the owners home, monitoring for intruders, fire and smoke and alerting the owner by sending digital images to their cell phone should it encounter anything untoward.The 50cm tall robot security guard can be controlled from a mobile phone and the home can be monitored in real time. Face-recognition will be added to the 12 kilogram robots impressive repertoireGizmo has covered a number of robotic security guards over the last twelve months including Banyru, Artemis, GuardRobo and Sanyo's Robot Guard Dog.

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