When setting up at a gig, PA parameters usually need to be adjusted from one venue to the next. But what might sound great in an empty room can sound rubbish when the crowds (hopefully) gather around the stage. With most systems, making adjustments involves a mixing console, if you have one, or turning knobs on the back of the portable PA itself. With Korg's new Konnect amp, settings can be tweaked using a smartphone app.

The all-in-one portable amplifications system is built around a 6.5-inch woofer and two tweeters for the promise of powerful low end from the bass reflex design and a total full-range output of 180 W.

Korg's cooked in 32-bit digital processing to handle sound clarity and spacing, and acoustic players can relax as feedback suppression has been included. There's a four channel mixer on the back panel, with EQ presets and five voicing presets designed for different use scenarios, such as vocal or electric guitar.

The PA gets a modern twist courtesy of wireless control from the Konnect app for iOS and Android smartphone and tablet users. This essentially means that a musician needn't rely on the ear of a fan or buddy to check the reach of the system at the back of the room, and there'll be no more getting up between songs to change settings – activating up to 17 voicing presets, adjusting the EQ or changing effects can all be done wirelessly.

The Konnect isn't just being aimed at small venue musicians though. "This unit is ideal for literally any type of situation that requires music: live shows, parties, presentations, you name it and this product will provide exactly what you need for any type of situation," said Korg's James Sajeva.

And when it comes to the interval, a playlist can be set up and some tracks streamed over to the Bluetooth-enabled system to keep the crowd happy until the next set.

The Korg Connect is due for release later this month for US$399.99. Accessories include a travel bag and speaker mount.

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