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Korner promises cheap and simple home security

Korner promises cheap and simp...
The Korner tag being applied
The Korner tag being applied
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The Korner tag on a window frame
The Korner tag on a window frame
The Korner tag being applied
The Korner tag being applied
The Korner tag on a door frame
The Korner tag on a door frame
The Korner tag and fob
The Korner tag and fob
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Home security systems can certainly bring peace of mind to well-off home-owners, but they're generally not thought of as something that's used by people who are on a budget, such as apartment-dwellers. The designers of Korner hope to change that, however, with a simple system that costs under US$100 and requires no monthly fees.

Korner consists of two parts: a curved motion-detecting "tag" that adheres to the upper corner of a door frame or window frame, and a fob that plugs into an Ethernet port on the user's router.

When the system is armed, and the tag detects movement that it associates with the door or window being opened, it sends a message to the fob using the Zigbee wireless protocol. The fob responds both by emitting a high-pitched audio alarm of its own, and by notifying the user via an app on their iOS or Android device.

Using that app, the user can then contact the police, or forward the alert to someone else who can look in on their place. The app also lets them turn the system on and off manually, or set it to a program.

The Korner tag and fob
The Korner tag and fob

As the system currently stands, one fob can support up to 15 tags, and each tag should be able to run for three years on its included coin cell battery – the app will let users know when any of the batteries need to be replaced. The adhesive on the tags is reusable, so they can be taken down when the user relocates to another building.

While a few somewhat similar home security systems do already exist, most of those incorporate a two-part equivalent of the tag, in which one part is attached to the door and the other is attached to the door frame. The Korner team claim that not only is their system easier to install, but it's also less prone to false alarms, and doesn't look as kludgy.

They're currently raising production funds for Korner, on Indiegogo. A pledge of US$89 will get you a set of one fob and three tags, when and if the product is ready to go.

More information is available in the pitch video below.

Source: Indiegogo

UPDATE (Oct. 8/15): Korner met its crowdfunding goal, and is now commercially available via the company website.


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My only question is if a blowing curtain or pet would set it off. I have a motion sensor that goes off when the furnace comes on. Luckily it is only attached to a light which is not a problem. I could imagine a big future for a good cheap alarm system.
George Krooglik
Great concept, well thought out and progressed.
Question: Does the alarm sense broken glass as well as movement..? Eg. many thieves smash a glass window pane or door panel but don't open the window or door ( although many do ).
Does this device react to the "shock" of glass breaking or can it be programmed to react to the shattering.?
S Michael
Need motion detection. and a way to connect to a internet camera, until then it is not viable. Old school. Lower the price to below $50 and the lower and middle class will buy it. Need to give at least three sensors. Two is not typical. Three is. Front door, back door and one window.
You might look at some way to make it portable.
This should work provided the whole house, or at least the network system is on online UPS.
Apart from this what kind of battery consumption are we talking about ?
An amazing product with some amazing engineering. I will be a purchaser.
Kirk Desilva
why are they calling their dongle a fob?