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Koss Cobalt wireless headphones

Koss Cobalt wireless headphones
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August 11, 2006 High fidelity stereophone manufacturer Koss has announced a wireless Bluetooth stereophone it will call the Cobalt and we fancy these will be very worthwhile additions to the personal entertainment kit. Built to last, the US$180 Cobalt has a “No Questions Asked” Lifetime Warranty. The Cobalt uses advanced Bluetooth frequency-hopping technology to provide a 30-foot range, so you can move freely while taking a call, or listening to your favorite music or movies. If you’re working on your PC, the Cobalt is also sold with a USB dongle transmitter that plugs into your computer for streaming and VOIPing.

Incorporating a Lithium Ion battery, the Cobalt gives plenty of airtime with an approximate battery life of 8 hours. Just plug the transmitter into your computer, CD, DVD, or MP3 player and slip on the Cobalt. The Cobalt can also be used with a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone. It simultaneously pairs with the phone, allowing users to answer calls with the same headphones used for listening to portable music players.

The behind-the-head design of the Cobalt provides maximum comfort during long listening periods. Foam ear cushions allow for hear-through sound, and its dynamic element provides extended frequency response. The wider frequency response results in better overall sound performance for the Cobalt.

For added convenience, push button volume controls on the ear cup allow for easy level adjustment. The Cobalt is also collapsible for protective storage and maximum portability when listening on the go. The Cobalt package includes the Bluetooth stereophone, Bluetooth audio transmitter, Bluetooth USB audio dongle, USB charging cable, AC charging adapter, and audio extension cable.

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