If you’re looking for a universal remote to complement any Harry Potter marathons screening on the tube, you might want to consider the Magic Wand universal remote control from Kymera. Sure to raise the eyebrows of any nearby muggles, the remote allows budding magicians to control their magical picture box or other piece of remote controllable electronic wizardry with a flick of the wrist - 'Abracadabra' optional.

At the risk of revealing a magician’s tricks the wand features a built-in accelerometer enabling it to recognize “magical gestures” instead of relying on pushing buttons. To turn up the volume, for example, just give the wand a clockwise motion or gesture counter-clockwise to lower it. Want to change the channel? It’s as easy as a flick of the wrist.

The wand can recognize 13 different gestures in all, and since it’s a learning remote it can be custom programmed to carry out different functions for gestures that include big swish, push forward, pull back and two single and double taps.

The Kymera Magic Wand is designed to work with just about any contraption that can be remote controlled and will be available from October 1st. Until then, Kymera is taking pre-orders for the wand, which retails at UKP£49.95 (approx. USD$83).

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