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La Scala Jacuzzi combines big screen

La Scala Jacuzzi combines big screen
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Every bathroom should have one - the La Scala Bathing and Entertainment Centre brings together a 42-inch high-definition Plasma monitor and powerful surround sound system with the luxury of a personal spa bath. There's ample space for two in the circular, 6 ft whirlpool bath that includes ten strategically placed hydrotherapy jets for optimal relaxation and underwater lighting to soothe the senses. The entertainment package includes concealed DVD/CD/AM/FM stereo system and a floating remote control. Complemented by simple, elegant design in white, black or high-luster platinum, the La Scala is part of the limited edition The Private Collection from Jacuzzi, but unfortunately there is not yet an Australian distributor.

Dimensions: 82-3/8" L X 72-1/2" W

- 42" high-definition Plasma screen offering the finest motion picture environment
- Sophisticated surround sound system providing a true theater experience
- State-of-the-art DVD/CD/AM/FM stereo system concealed within an entertainment center
- Innovative floating remote control offering fingertip operation of the jet system, entertainment center and underwater lighting
- Ten strategically placed, fully adjustable hydrotherapy jets for optimal relaxation
- Underwater lighting to soothe the senses
- Side-by-side ergonomic loungers for exceptional comfort
- Stunning circular shape makes ideal complement to master suite or home fitness center
- Striking color choices of black, white or platinum
- Spacious whirlpool bath measuring 82-3/8" L X 72-1/2" W

As the second addition to the company's Private Collection, La Scala will only be available in limited production. Indicative of the Private Collection, each La Scala will be certified and numbered.

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