When you first see the Lace-amatic shoelace-tying device you could be forgiven for wondering who would need, use or even want this product – after all, isn’t that why we have Velcro shoes? But for people who struggle with dexterity, flexibility or strength or for those who just want to get their shoes on and off quickly, the Lace-amatic makes a lot of sense. It allows you to tighten and loosen tied shoelaces and lets you get knotted shoes on and off in an instant…it’s simple, ergonomically sound and could make a job that many people find difficult, just that little bit easier.

The Lace-amatic allows you to slip in and out of laced-up shoes without having to struggle with tight laces and knots. You can even use a foot to undo and loosen your sneakers when you are ready to take them off – making them ideal for triathletes or athletes who need a speedy transition during a sporting event. The lace tension and knotting is pre-selected so every time you wear the shoes they will be a perfect fit. The device does not need a lot of strength or dexterity to operate and the shoes can be tightened and secured with a finger, thumb or the heel of a hand.

The device is ideal for people with arthritis, the elderly, single hand and arm amputees or people recovering from post-operative hip or knee surgery. It is made from strong, clear polycarbonate plastic and is weather-resistant, durable, flexible and non-marking. Best of all, you’ll only need to attach it to your shoes once and as it weighs 11 grams (0.38oz), you shouldn’t notice any additional weight.

To activate the Lace-amatic, you slide the top seven laces into the lever, the base element is snapped in and the laces can then be loosened or tightened with the lever. Check the Lace-amatic website for details on where to buy the device. Expect to pay US$9.99 for two sets.

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