With Apple announcing its brand new, USB-C-equipped MacBook yesterday, we knew it wouldn’t be long before compatible accessories started turning up. LaCie’s new Porsche Design Mobile Drives are some of the first out of the gate, offering up to 2 TB of USB-C-friendly storage.

The most notable thing about LaCie’s new hard drives are, of course, their reversible USB-C plugs (there’s no “right way up” with the new standard), which make them compatible with the Apple’s new MacBook. The company is saying that the drive is designed with Mac users in mind, working seamlessly with the Time Machine backup service – but since every USB hard drive we've tried has worked seamlessly with Time Machine, you'll want to take this attempt to piggyback on the MacBook announcement with proper grains of salt.

It's worth noting that you can use any hard drive with the new MacBook, if you buy the necessary USB-C to USB 2/3 adapter.

LaCie continued its partnership with Porsche Design on the new accessories, which feature a simple, attractive design with a 3mm (0.1 in) thick solid aluminium casing. They're capable of transfer speeds of up 100MB/s and are available in 500 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB configurations. The smallest capacity drive is a little thinner than its siblings, coming in at 0.4 in (10.2 mm) to the larger drives’ 0.6 in (15.2 mm) thickness.

If you’re interested in using one of the hard drives with non-USB-C devices, you’ll be happy to hear that there’s an adapter cable included in the box, extending compatibility to USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 devices.

The new Porsche Design Mobile Drives will ship in Q2 2015. Pricing info is yet to be announced.

Source: LaCie

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