Lancer Evo X to debut as course car at Rally Japan

Lancer Evo X to debut as cours...
Lancer Evolution X course car
Lancer Evolution X course car
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Lancer Evolution X course car
Lancer Evolution X course car

October 11, 2007 Mitsubishi Motors’ latest addition to the Lancer Evolution line, the Lancer Evolution X, will be hitting the FIA World Rally Championship as a Course Car for Rally Japan. Mitsubishi, in association with Ralliart, have made extensive changes to the 4WD sedan, including the integration of a roll cage into the body of the car, and the installation of custom built components for the running gear and brakes.

The Lancer X Course Car also includes revolving roof lights, sirens and loud speakers to communicate with spectators and officials, plus a sump-guard and a floor guard with fuel tank protection.

Course Cars are required to run the track of an upcoming race, first in 30 minutes and then in 15 minutes, to ensure that track conditions are acceptable for the main event. The Lancer Evolution X will run on Rally Japan in Group N specification, and is scheduled to obtain the Group N homologation from the Federation International de L'Automobile next summer.

Rally Japan is the 6th round of the FIA Production Car World Rally Championship, and will run in Tokachi, Hokkaido from October 26 to October 28 2007.

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