When they first hit the commercial market in 2000, USB flash drives topped out at a capacity of 8 MB. Nowadays, that would hardly be enough to store a few seconds of cat video, but Kingston's new DataTraveler Ultimate Generation GT can cram in enough feline antics to keep you oohing and ahhing for hours. With up to 2 TB, it is the highest capacity USB flash drive in the world.

Featuring a zinc-alloy metal casing measuring 72 x 26.94 x 21 mm, the 2 TB DataTraveler Ultimate Generation GT can actually store up to 70 hours of cat videos in glorious 4K, or over 262,000 times the amount of the original 8 MB flash drives. No data transfer numbers have been released, but the drive offers USB 3.1 connectivity and also comes in a 1 TB model.

Both the 1 TB and 2 TB units will be available from next month and Kingston is yet to announce pricing. But don't expect either drive to be cheap. Kingston's previous largest flash drive, the 1 TB DataTraveler HyperX Predator, is currently selling for over US$2,700 on Amazon.

Source: Kingston