A new living wall is being claimed as the largest in Europe. Measuring 1,027 sq m (11,055 sq ft), it comprises around 97,000 plants and is installed along the sides of a recently built multistory parking structure at the headquarters of the UK's National Grid on the outskirts of Warwick.

Designed by One World Design Architects, the new 446-space multi-story car-park is made of prefabricated steel, with the living wall cladding its exterior. The installation is designed to add both to the ecology and biodiversity of the area and to add color to the location as it flowers and blooms throughout the year.

The 97,000 plants used are drawn from over 20 different predominantly native and wildlife-friendly species. The majority used are evergreen so as to provide year-round coverage and different plants bring different benefits.

Mentha mint, for example, is a deterrent for wasps, hebe pinguifolia "Pagei" attracts butterflies. and vinca minor "Bowles Purple" provides nectar for bees. Other plants used have good nesting properties or provide protection for birds and there are fruit-bearing plants too, including strawberries.

Other sustainability features of the car-park include natural ventilation, LED lighting, bird- and insect-boxes and porous paving.

The project was started around the end of September last year and was completed last month.

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