British architecture firm Studio Weave, in collaboration with collective Bruit du Frigo, recently completed this attractive little hiking shelter on the outskirts of Bordeaux, France. Raised atop a weathered steel platform, it's available for anyone who wants to stay, free of charge.

The shelter, named Le Haut Perché, is part of the Les Refuges Périurbains project, which also spawned the Le Tronc Creux shelter and several others scattered around the outskirts of Bordeaux. The idea is to encourage the exploration of lesser-known areas in the city's fringes by offering a network of free-to-stay shelters.

Le Haut Perché is located in a scenic spot amid woodland and streams near one of Bordeaux's main water sources. It's clad in timber and its overall design was inspired by nearby water towers. As it's raised off the ground on weathered steel stilts, access to the interior must be gained by climbing a small staircase.

Be warned though: once inside (alas, we've no photos of the interior), it's very basic, with room for up to six people to sleep on a single large mattress ... and that's it. No electricity or toilet is provided, though there is a toilet nearby. All that said, pack some of the region's famous wine and bring a sleeping bag and you've got yourself a pretty nice way to spend an evening.

Those interested in staying at Le Haut Perché or any of the other Les Refuges Périurbains shelters need to head to its website (in French) and place a booking to get the key. As far as we can tell, there aren't any restrictions for foreign tourists.

Source: Studio Weave

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