Leatherman multi-tools can certainly come in handy, but they are one more thing that has to be stuffed in a pocket or hung on a belt. That's where the Leatherman Tread comes in. It's a stainless steel bracelet that incorporates 25 tools within its links. Additionally, because none of those tools are knives, it shouldn't cause problems going through airport security.

Each of the Tread's 11 links incorporate two to three tools. Those links are also interchangeable, meaning that users can swap in new ones, rearrange the ones they've got, or remove some to make the bracelet fit smaller.

Some of the tools on offer include various types of screwdrivers, a cutting hook, hex drives, box wrenches, and a carbide glass breaker. The clasp also incorporates a bottle opener and #2 square drive. In order to use any of those, the Tread has to first be removed from the wrist and then folded back to expose the needed tool.

Leatherman plans to release the basic version of the Tread this summer (Northern Hemisphere) in silver or black, with a version that includes a Swiss-made waterproof watch coming in the fall. Official pricing has yet to be announced, although the company estimates that the stand-alone bracelet will sell for US$150 to $200.

You can see it in use, in the video below.

Should you be admiring it as much as a macho fashion statement as anything else, you might also be interested in the Titanium Utility Ring, the Titanium Escape Ring, or even the Leatherdos hair clip. Outdoorsy types might additionally consider pairing it up with a Kodiak wristband, which contains four wilderness survival tools including fishing line and a hook.

Source: Leatherman

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