LED lenser H4 dual purpose head torch

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The clip on the case rotates through 360-degrees
The clip on the case rotates through 360-degrees

Head torches – they're fantastic on your head, but when not in use they tend to end up a tangled mess somewhere in the nether regions of your backpack. Some might come with a sturdy case but, in my experience anyway, the case rarely get used (or gets lost in the first week). The LED Lenser H4 solves this by giving you a reason to put the head torch away – when stowed in the case it becomes a clip-on flashlight.

The H4 weighs 85 grams, its row of three LEDs shine at 45 lumens and it has a beam range of 60 feet (18 m). The units 3 x AAA batteries provide enough juice for around 15 hours use.

The clip on the case rotates through 360-degrees to make it easier to attach onto your belt or bag strap. It also gives you a hands-free option without having it strapped to your head.

The LED Lenser H4 costs around 35 euro.

We haven't yet field tested the H4, but I've used LED Lenser gear over several years and I've been a fan on both the performance and build-quality fronts. If you really want to impress your camping buddies, check out the 170 lumens H7R, which has a beam range of 180 m.

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Bill Bennett
45 lumens? YAWN 170 lumens? yawn I have a head set with three cree lamps @ 500 lumens these are toys