April 16, 2009 Lego Systems has teamed with Digital Blue, an innovator in electronics and software for teens, to produce a range of colorful Lego-inspired personal electronics for kids. The line-up includes an alarm clock in the shape of a big red Lego brick, MP3 player, digital camera and a boom box, with the first products due for release in time for the northern hemisphere summer. But take a look at the specs and you can see the Lego gadgets are anything but toys.

The colorful digital camera can hold up to 300 images, offers 3MP resolution and has a 4X digital zoom. It has a 1.4” LCD display, 64MB of internal memory and runs on 2 AA batteries. The package includes a software CD and wrist strap.

The MP3 player has a 1G memory – which equates to up to eight hours playing time – an in-built rechargeable battery, supports MP3, WMA and SD/MMC cards and comes with stereo earbuds and wrist strap.

The boom box – which looks like a giant blue Lego brick – may be thought of as a relic from the 1980s but this updated version can play CD, CD-R, CD-RW and includes an AM/FM radio. With its 20-song programmable play system, you can randomly play or shuffle, repeat one or more tracks and skip forwards and backwards. The machine also has two 2x1" W channel speakers, 12.5mm W output, earphone jack and a dynamic bass boost system. Sure, there's nothing particularly new there, but not every kid on the block has a music machine 10 times the size of a regular Lego brick.

“We selected Digital Blue … to help bring the Lego brand to life in an all-new way for its fans,” says Jill Wilfert, senior director of licensing for the LEGO Group. “Our entrance into the youth electronics space will enable our fans to express themselves through photos, videos and music, while displaying their enthusiasm for one of the world’s all-time favorite toys.”

You can also expect to see Lego-designed alarm clock radios, walkie talkies, USB drives and stop animation video cameras later in the year. See Digital Blue for more details.

Jude Garvey

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