A successful Lego Ideas fan submission based on the Labyrinth marble maze game is to be produced. The Lego Labyrinth Marble Maze will feature a tilting platform that players must move around in order to guide a marble to the end of the maze, avoiding holes on the way.

Lego Ideas was launched last year to let fans of Lego submit ideas for new sets, as well as view other people's ideas and vote for those they like. If an project gets 10,000 votes or more, it is reviewed by the Lego Ideas Review Board, which looks at factors like playability, safety, how feasible it would be produce and how well it would fit with the Lego brand. If approved, it goes into production.

Fans whose ideas become a product are recognized by Lego and receive a percentage of the product sales. The Labyrinth Marble Maze was one of nine qualifying projects for the third Lego Ideas Review of 2014, with the results having only now been announced.

The idea itself, built entirely from Lego of course, comprises a base or frame with simple tilting mechanisms made of axles and beams that are operated using two wheels. Different mazes can be easily slotted into the base or removed. This interchangeability means that multiple mazes can be kept ready for use and swapped in quickly without the whole build having to be reconstructed.

The idea also features a built-in container to store balls, a travel-lock to stop the maze from moving when in transit and indents for the balls to drop into, helping to simplify the construction.

The Labyrinth Marble Maze will now be worked up to a final design by Lego, with pricing and availability yet to be announced. An idea for an F7A Hornet model from the same review is still under consideration by the Lego Ideas Review Board.

The video below provides an overview of the Labyrinth Marble Maze idea submission.

Source: Lego

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