There are times when a 98 percent success rate is acceptable, but in the world of condoms that last two percent is worth striving for. Lelo, a notable purveyor of sex toys, wants to make (adult) playtime safer and more fun with a new, hexagon-heavy condom design endorsed by none other than Charlie Sheen.

At the core of the Hex is a construction which, according to its creators, is inspired by graphene for impressive thinness and strength. Of course, honeycomb is also strong and hexagonal, as is the micrograph of a snowflake or the scute on a turtle's shell. As nice as it is to compare the shapes on your new condom to the wonder material du jour, we're going to need to see a bit more evidence before buying into that one.

Inspiration aside, Lelo says there are a few benefits to its hexagon-heavy rubbers. On the inside, the structure of the condom is raised to cut down on slippage during the act, a touch designed to maximize sensitivity. As well as trying to stop slippage, the hexagonal elements on the condom are meant to help the condom conform to each person's unique, er, shape.

Of course, conforming to everyone's shape isn't worth much if Hex is thicker than an army raincoat. The hexagonal web spanning the length of the condom is just 0.055mm thick, and the latex panels in between are just 0.045 mm thick, making it thicker than some of Durex's wafer-thin offerings, but thinner than the cheapest rubbers out there.

Putting all this talk about molding and thinness aside, Lelo is adamant its design is also more effective at preventing breakages and, therefore, unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases.

Lelo is currently seeking backing on Indiegogo where it has raised almost US$142,000, or 1,182 percent of its original goal with a month remaining. The cheapest way to reserve your high-tech hexagonal condoms is through the $14 Step Up pledge, although users who are particularly enamoured by the product can contribute up to $999, which will land them a mysterious Lelo gift bag (its contents aren't disclosed).

At this point, it bears mentioning that scientists are taking a number of different approaches to giving the classic condom a makeover. From using hair-thin grass to potential spray on protection, the rubber wheel has been reinvented a number of times over the past decade. If all goes to plan in Lelo land, the company will begin deliveries in August this year.

Lelo's video pitch can be viewed below.

Source: Lelo

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