Lensbaby's latest creative effect lens is a three-in-one optic for mirrorless shooters. The quirky-looking Trio 28 – which is sure to prompt questions from other photographers – rotates to let users switch between the firm's distinctive Twist, Velvet, and Sweet effects without swapping lenses.

The triple lens front of the Trio 28 looks like the Wow Lens and Lens Dial we saw for the iPhone a few years back. Older photographers will probably also be reminded of the Rectaflex Rotor, but the lens options on the Trio 28 control creative effects rather than focal length.

As the name suggests, the Trio 28 is has a 28-mm focal length. However, as the lens will be available in Sony E, Fujifilm X, or Micro Four Thirds mounts, it's worth noting that on an APS-C sensor that's around a 42-mm equivalent, and on Micro Four Thirds it's more akin to a 56-mm lens.

The manual-focus Trio 28 has a fixed F3.5 aperture and a minimum focal distance of 20 cm (8 inches). Once it is mounted, users simply rotate the lens to select the effect they want, making it different from the firm's Composer lenses where you swap optics depending on how you want your photo to look.

The effects on offer include Twist, which gives a sharp central area of focus surrounded by twisty, swirling bokeh like that on the Twist 60 or a Petzval lens, and Velvet which offers a "dreamy" central area of focus with an edge-to-edge glow, like the Velvet 56.

Meanwhile, the Sweet setting gives a sharp central sweet spot of focus with an increasing blur around it, like seen on the Lensbaby LM-10 or Spark lenses. It goes without saying that the Trio 28 will appeal to photographers who embrace quirky lenses, and not pixel-peepers who want the best possible optical performance out of their glass.

The Lensbaby Trio 28 lens will be available later this month in either Sony E, Fuji X, or Micro Four Thirds mounts, priced at US$280.

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