August 12, 2008 Leon Speakers, established in 1995, is a world leader of high performance, on-wall loudspeakers. The company's new Profile 404-X-A speakers allow you to set them up on, or against a wall. The shallow profile (3.25-inches deep) helps them blend with their surroundings, and a choice of veneers and finishes (including paints) are available to finish the look.

Leon employs high end drivers so the sound matches the look - 4-inch Peerless woofers and 1-inch Morel tweeters – the cabinets slim profile does mean it can't extend much below 65Hz though, but that's where the new A3-SUB subwoofer comes in. The 12x14x4 inch box houses an 8-inch woofer that reaches down to 30Hz. The Profile 404-X-A’s start at $2495 per pair and the A3-SUB goes for $895. A 1000-Watt Leon subwoofer amplifier will cost you another $995.

Leon Profile 404-X-A

The Profile 404-X-A can be custom built to match the exact height width and finish of any TV or display. It’s suited for small theatre setups and two-channel audiophile systems. Featuring two 4-inch Peerless HDS woofers and a Morel MDT29 1-inch cloth dome tweeter housed in a vented enclosure, it boasts a frequency response of 65Hz to 22kHz and a power rating of 235 watts/channel.

Also available to match the look and sonic performance of the Profile 404-X-A are the Profile 114i-X-A. Measuring in at just 3.25-inches deep too, and available in a range of finishes, the Profile 114i-X-A can be installed in-wall for a more discreet look.

Leon A3-SUB

Leon Speakers also offers the A3-SUB subwoofer to compliment the Profile 404-X-A. Featuring AuraSound-patented Neo Radial Technology (NRT) and a unique teardrop-shaped motor structure, this subwoofer can handle large amounts of power with minimal compression. It’s unique design allows for in-wall, on-wall, or in room setups, making it an ideal system add-on or easily integrated into a custom installation.

The A3-SUB boasts an 8-inch Aura driver delivering extremely large 1.6-inch peak excursion, increased linearity, lower distortion, greater efficiency, and greater power handling to 400 W. Measuring just 12 inches by 14 inches, and less than 4 inches deep, it achieves a 30 Hz to 1 kHz frequency bandwidth in a .25-cubic-foot cabinet. The reverse-mounted magnet design increases usable air volume and yields surprising bass and sound levels from an extremely small cabinet. The A3-SUB also comes with vibration dampening wall mounts and is triple braced for rigidity.

The A3-SUB, like all the speakers in the Leon range, can be custom-built in only three to five business days.

Leon Horizon Series

Joining the already acclaimed Horizon series of speakers from Leon is the new Horizon 212. With a depth of 2-inches and a height of 3-inches, it’s designed to match the latest ultra-thin display panels. Capable of delivering theater grade performance, no longer do you have to suffer poor sonic performance from slim-line speakers.

Leon's Horizon Series speakers are custom-built to match the exact width and finish of every flat-panel TV. Combining left, center, and right channels all in one sleek under-mount soundbar, the Horizon Series is the ideal solution for any home theater setting and everyday TV viewing. With multiple mounting options and a unique space-saving design, this ultra-thin speaker is the perfect complement to any flat-panel display.

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