Armored vehicles aren't typically the most luxurious, what with safety rather taking precedence. Vehicle conversion firm Lexani, however, has shown that this need not be the case. Its new B6-armored Toyota Land Cruiser both affords protection and boasts a host of fancy features.

California-based Lexani says it aims to "push the envelope" with its customized luxury-safety vehicle interiors. Previous projects have included a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, a Cadillac Escalade, a Lincoln Navigator and a Toyota Sequoia. As with the Sequoia, its most recent project is a Toyota conversion with a host of high-tech and high-end features.

The Land Cruiser's B6-armor refers to the level of protection that is provided based on the EN 1063 (or CEN 1063) standard by the European Committee for Standardization. It ensures that glazing can stop up to three rifle shots, with protection afforded by the skin of the vehicle also. Front and rear view cameras and monitors also contribute to the security of the vehicles and tinted windows offer privacy.

Inside, the Land Cruiser features a number of features designed for practicality and comfort. There is overhead LED lighting, "heavy duty" air conditioning and an intercom for communicating with the driver.

A raised roof provides a Maybach-style ceiling and the seats are upholstered in Italian leather with heat and massage functions. The vehicle's headliner and side walls are finished in Ultrasuede and wood and chrome-plated finishes complete the interior aesthetic.

Perhaps the most enviable area is the vehicle's infotainment system. Users can control features and functions using a touchscreen control panel management system. There is a 40-in Samsung LED Smart TV mounted on the fixed privacy partition, with an accompanying Blu-Ray/DVD player. A 1000-W Alpine audio system, meanwhile, is fitted for listening to music.

Lexani vehicles are built to order. For a Land Cruiser like this, the company says clients will need to part ways with between US$395,000 and $450,000, depending on features.

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