There are few technologies more hotly anticipated in the TV/display market than OLED, but sadly we’re still a way off replacing our 50” plasmas with these wafer-thin low-power alternatives. Affordability is the main issue, and so far Sony has been one of few to have an early crack at the market with its US$2500 11” XEL-1.

Another contender, LG, has been touting its 15” ‘monster’ since last summer and following a set of specs and further details released in September , it has finally been launched, albeit only in Korea for the time being.

It’s only being called ‘OLED TV’ from what we can see, but will have a similar price point to Sony at US$2500, which considering the extra screen space seems fairly reasonable.

Check out the short video clip below to see OLED TV in the flesh.

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