LG has just announced that it is going to be showing off a monitor at CES 2015 that could have PC gamers drooling. The company is presenting an ultra-wide monitor with AMD FreeSync, a feature designed to create smoother motion while gaming.

The new LG 34UM67 features a 34-inch display and a 21:9 aspect ratio. The resolution is 3440 x 1440. The issue with ultra-wide monitors like this is game support. Some popular games like Battlefield 4 and World of Warcraft currently support 21:9, but for every game that does, there are quite a few more that don't.

The main selling point, besides the large screen and ultra-wide aspect ratio, is AMD FreeSync – a feature that smooths movement, making games appear more lifelike. It's similar to NVIDIA G-Sync, a technology first shown off last year. Basically, it syncs the monitor and graphics card, preventing the screen tearing. AMD promises that using its technology will not cause a loss in a framerate, which is critical for most PC gamers.

Some other notable features of the monitor that are aimed at improving the experience of PC gaming are the Black Stabilizer and the Dynamic Action Sync. The first is designed to illuminate dark areas on screen, making it easier to see hidden enemies. The second feature promises to reduce input lag, which could give gamers a slight competitive edge.

LG did not announce a price or release window for its new 34UM67 ultra-wide gaming monitor.

Source: LG