Glasses-free 3D displays are getting larger with the LG Cinema 3D DX2000 20-inch computer display being the latest addition to the glasses-free 3D line of devices. The newest LG Cinema 3D display utilizes similar webcam-based eye-tracking technology as the latest glasses-free 3D gaming laptop, the Toshiba Qosmio F750, which is aimed at dealing with the common "sweet spot" 3D technology issue.

Announced for the Korean market, the LG DX2000 3D display will be one of the largest glasses-free 3D displays on the market, making it an interesting option for 3D enthusiasts using desktop computers. The eye-tracking technology works courtesy of a built-in webcam which detects and tracks user's movement to adjust the parallax-barrier 3D effect accordingly and "allowing the viewer much freer movement and more comfortable viewing," LG says.

The LG Cinema 3D DX2000 will also convert 2D content into 3D, although it's unclear whether it allows both 2D and 3D content to be viewed at the same time like the Toshiba Qosmio F750 laptop. The new display is LED backlit, has a maximum resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels, 1,000:1 contrast ratio and 5ms response time. The 2D image brightness is as high as 250 cd/m2 and the display comes with DVI and HDMI ports. The LG Cinema 3D DX2000 will be available "soon" in Korea priced at KRW1.29 million (around US$1,222).

The LG Cinema 3D brand is known for the line of "flicker-free" TVs and computer displays that utilize light, cheap, battery-free passive glasses 3D technology, which allows wide viewing angles. Although, the Korean company has already treaded into the glasses-free 3D arena with the world's first glasses-free 3D smartphone, the LG Optimus 3D.

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