OLED technology has already enabled LG and Samsung to produce TVs with curved displays, but now LG has gone one step further with the unveiling of an OLED TV with a changeable curvature. Revealed at CES, the TV is the latest salvo in the ongoing TV battle between the two Korean electronics giants.

LG's Flexible OLED TV is a 77-inch unit that lets users control the angle of curvature via their remote control, taking into account things like screen size and viewing distance to tailor the amount of curvature to suit user preferences.

With concerns about the longevity of OLED technology, LG says it has subjected the TV to tens of thousands of hours of testing to ensure the reliability and durability of the display.

Samsung also revealed an 85-inch flexible TV at its CES press conference, but that was a proof-of-concept unit that used an LED LCD panel rather than the OLED technology found in LG's production-ready set.

We'll attempt to get some more details regarding pricing, availability and the range of curvature of the Flexible OLED TV from the show floor and update this story when details come to hand.

Source: LG

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