There was a time not long ago when a projector was only available in a form-factor that needed to be left in one place indefinitely. That's changed recently, and LG is aiming to shake that notion even further with the introduction of its new Minibeam Nano, which is the smallest and lightest LED projector the company has ever released.

LG states that its new projector tips the scales at only 270 grams (9.5 oz). To put that in perspective, the company says that it weighs about the same as an average paperback book. The actual size of the projector is 108 mm wide, 103 mm long and 44 mm deep (4.25 x 4.06 x 1.73 in). It's definitely small enough to carry around in a bag with minimal effort.

Keeping with the portable design, LG has included a 3,800-mAh battery that offers enough juice for the projector to run for about two hours on a charge. So basically, it provides enough time to watch an average movie. Of course, there's also a 100-240V AC-DC adapter to plug in the device when power is available.

As for the actual capabilities of the projector, it features a native resolution of 854 x 480, which is a 16:9 aspect ratio. It's capable of projecting a 100 ANSI lumen image up to 100 inches (2.54 meters) with a 1.64 throw ratio. It features a built-in 1W mono speaker, which certainly won't blow anyone away with sound quality, but is definitely convenient to have.

For playing media, LG has included quite a few options. Users can connect a smartphone, tablet, or PC to it wirelessly using Wi-Fi. With this option, users can mirror their screens on the giant projector display. There's also a USB port that will allow users to directly play videos from a USB drive. Lastly, there's the option to use HDMI for connecting an external device.

As far as lifespan is concerned, LG is promising that its LED lamp is capable of working for up to 30,000 hours, which equates to 10 years of continuous watching for eight hours a day.

LG is rolling out its new, lightweight projector in North America, Asia, Europe, Africa/Middle East and Latin America. In the US, the suggested retail price is US$349.99. It's not actually listed as available from any of its retail partners, though LG promises that it will be available for sale at some point this month.

Source: LG