June 9, 2009 Two and a half years after it released its first Prada phone, Korean electronics giant LG has revealed a successor. While it's a long time in the world of mobile phones, the updated LG-KF900 Prada phone does include a range of features not found on its predecessor, while retaining the same slick minimalist styling and touchscreen. LG has simplified accessorizing the Prada phone with the availability of the Prada Link, a Bluetooth digital watch that can remotely monitor phone calls as well as read SMS text messages.

Definitely not in keeping with its fashion credentials, the LG-KF900 has put on a bit of weight and is a smidge bigger than the former KE850 model. Don’t worry, though, the phone is definitely still no plus-size model and the increases were needed to accommodate the Prada phone’s new slide-out QWERTY keyboard – something to keep text-happy fashionistas smiling, pouting or whatever face fashionistas pull when texting.

Fashion snaps will also be improved with the camera phone's pixel count increasing from 2-megapixel to 5-megapixel. The phone also features slow-motion video recording and DivX playback. As well, it has 3G capability with HSDPA up to 7.2 Mbps and a 3-inch capacitive WQVGA touchscreen. Other features include Wi-Fi, HTML browser and video-calling capabilities.

The Prada Link Bluetooth digital watch has the same minimalist styling of the phone with full metal body, tempered glass exterior and leather strap. It lets you check caller ID or preview text messages – via its 0.9-inch, OLED (120 x 56) display – without you having to rifle through your Prada handbag (naturally) for the phone.

The updated KF900 Prada phone measures 104.5 x 54 x 16.75mm (up from the KE850’s 98.8 x 54 x 12mm), and weighs 130g (up from 85g). The battery should last 400 hours in standby mode or three hours of talk-time. The Prada Link watch weighs 51g and has a battery good for 48 hours in standby.

Both the LG-KF900 Prada phone and LG-LBA-T950 Prada Link are available in parts of Asia and should be available in Europe this month for about €600 (about US$833).