LG says its first laser projector is highly portable, easily paired with Bluetooth speakers and bright enough to use in daylight. What's more, the ProBeam runs WebOS, giving it access to the same apps as LG's smart TVs.

As the name suggests, laser projectors use lasers as the light source instead of lamps, as has traditionally been the case. They are still an emerging technology, but we've already seen ones offering very short throws and 4K resolutions. They can be cheaper to run (what with not needing replacement lamps), longer lasting and deliver better image quality.

Technically, the Hecto Laser TV system was LG's first foray into laser projection, but the two-piece kit included a special projection screen that was required for it to work. The ProBeam, however, can project onto any surface and so, in that sense, is more of a conventional projector.

The ProBeam produces up to 2,000 lumens of brightness, which LG says will make it suitable for use in bright rooms or even backyards. It will also project in Full HD quality, like many lamp-based projectors already do.

At 2.1 kg (4.6 lb) and small enough to pick up with one hand, the device can be easily carried around for use watching sporting events or movies with friends. LG even suggests that it is suitable for use on camping trips, although we're waiting for a little more information on how the ProBeam is powered.

Miracast complements the projector's portability by allowing wireless mirroring of content from other smart devices, while so called "Sound Sync Adjustment" provides audio-synced pairing with Bluetooth audio devices, like speakers and headphones. LG's Magic Remote Control meanwhile, is aimed at providing straightforward navigation of the interface.

The ProBeam has a clean, contemporary and tasteful look, which should ensure it doesn't look out of place in the average home. It also has a thin and upright standing position, unlike most home projectors.

The LG ProBeam will debut at CES in the new year. There's no word on pricing or availability as yet.

Source: LG

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