Ever since Electrolux introduced the couch-potato to the Tribolite, vacuum cleaner manufacturers have been coming up with progressively smarter, more efficient ways to automate this common chore. iRobot has been busy refining the Roomba and Dyson came up with something that looks more at home on the battlefield in the DC06, but this time it’s LG’s chance to get involved and the new Roboking promises intelligent cleaning using a range of advanced sensors.

A combination of ultrasonic and infrared helps minimize collisions in dynamic environments and optimizes performance by planning the most efficient route. Purportedly more effective than bumpers or light sensors, these tools allow LG to claim a more advanced cleaning model than any previous robot vacuum cleaner.

“Everyone is getting busier, with less time to spend on household chores, which has led LG to focus on home appliances automation” says Young-ha Lee, President and CEO of LG Electronics Home Appliance Company. “Also, as the global population ages, we’re seeing more people become interested in automatic home appliances. To keep up with consumer needs, LG has focused on developing an intelligent robot vacuum cleaner and has refined ultra-sensitive sensor technology that enables it to operate efficiently and independently.”

As well as these headline advancements the Roboking offers a number of other benefits to improve performance in the home. Its 120W digital BLDC mounted motor makes it allegedly the world’s most powerful robot cleaner and in addition is efficient enough to last up to 10 times longer than regular motors – around 2000 hours of use.

At the end of a cleaning run it will return to the docking station automatically to recharge the long-life Li-PB battery, which offers faster charge times and a longer life than Ni-MH models, and to improve its performance when active, side rotating brushes and a separate pick-up brush efficiently cleans up dirt while a delicate floor cloth is available to mop up spills.

LG demonstrated its Roboking at this year’s IFA, though there’s no news on pricing or availability as yet.

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