Manhattan isn't far from Jersey City as the crow flies, but because of the Hudson River, moving from one to the other typically requires either taking a relatively circuitous route or hopping aboard the busy PATH (Port Authority Trans-Hudson) system. This could possibly change though, as a proposal envisions joining the two with a pedestrian bridge.

Dubbed Liberty Bridge (not to be confused with the bridges of the same name in Pittsburg and Michigan), the project was conceived by NYC resident Kevin Shane while he hung out at a Jersey City BBQ festival with friends. He eventually teamed up with Jersey City's Jeff Jordan Architects to refine the idea.

The proposal calls for a pedestrian bridge with cycle paths that measures a shade under a mile (1.5 km) in length, and at least 200 ft (60 m) high, to allow ships to pass beneath. It would make use of the existing Pennsylvania Railway Embankment in Jersey City and reach Battery Park, on the southern tip of Manhattan.

According to the team behind the proposal, the bridge would feature multiple routes, including weather-protected lower paths and upper levels for warm and sunny days. Free Wi-Fi, retail spaces including coffee shops, plus grassy areas and benches are also envisioned, while elevators and ramps would provide access on and off. In addition, the proposal also calls for the use of solar panels and wind turbines to provide power. There's a long way to go yet though.

"This is still just the beginning of the monstrous challenge to make the Liberty Bridge a reality," says the design team. "Kevin will be sharing his progress in his blog and will need the support of the community, friends, politicians, financial backers, various agencies and many others to reach this goal."

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