It's probably not a good idea to stick an iPad in water, but accidents happen. LifeProof is a company built around protecting users from these accidents with its array of waterproof cases for various devices. Now, it's rolling out its nüüd and fre models for iPad mini with Retina displays.

The first model is the nüüd, a device we covered before for the larger iPad, which does not actually cover the screen. It still seals out water from entering the device, but it leaves the screen exposed to possible scratching. This is done for users who prefer to actually have direct touch on the screen while still maintaining protection from shock, water, dirt, and snow.

The fre is much like the nüüd, but with the addition of a screen protector.

Both models come with technology that enhances the iPad's built-in speakers, coverage for the camera that will not alter photography, and a transparent back that shows off the original design of the iPad.

The nüüd comes with a price tag of US$99.99, while the fre, with its added screen protection, costs $119.99. Both are available now.

Source: Lifeproof

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