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  • Today is Apple Christmas Day, and while the shiny new iPhones are the presents most eyes are fixed on, there are always new iPads, iPad minis and Apple Watches under the tree as well. The latest generations of these boast a few decent upgrades.
  • Once seen as the future of the iPad, the iPad mini is now a lower-priority device, losing ground to oversized smartphones on one side, and bigger tablets that double as PCs on the other. Too bad, then, that the best iPad mini by far is launching to an increasingly indifferent public.
  • The Gamevice is pretty much the ideal way to add physical controls to an iPad mini. Strapping it onto your tablet is less like using an accessory and more like transforming your iPad into an iOS-powered portable game console.
  • Last week the iPad mini 4 barely got a mention in Apple's big launch event, with the spotlight shining much brighter on the new iPad Pro. But if gigantic smartphones haven't yet killed all your interest in mini-tablets, this one looks like it could be worth paying attention to.
  • If there's one product that's a direct rival to the new iPod touch, it's probably the iPad mini. Both are great for kids and run a bit cheaper than other iOS devices. Let's see how the latest versions of both compare.
  • Phorm is a case for the iPad mini that features clear round buttons that rise up over top of the characters on the tablet's virtual keyboard, giving users the tactile sensation of using a physical keyboard. When not needed, those buttons simply disappear.
  • As phablets creep onto tablets' turf, perhaps you're wondering how Apple's supersized iPhone compares to its smallest iPad? Let's compare the features and specs of the iPhone 6 Plus and iPad mini 3.
  • CES is full of gaming gear from companies of all sizes, hawking their goods to anyone who will listen. Wikipad, though, has an accessory that can do something you might be looking for. It takes the iPad and unlocks its full gaming potential. Meet the Gamevice.
  • Last year the iPad Air and Retina iPad mini made for a tough decision. But this year Apple put all its eggs in the iPad Air 2 basket, leaving no question as to which tablet is better. But is there any reason to consider the iPad mini 3? Let's take a quick hands-on look.
  • The newest iPad mini is the smallest iPad update yet – to the degree that isn't really a new device. But is it still worth a look? Join Gizmag, as we review Apple's "new" iPad mini 3.
  • This is the first year that Apple has given you five iPads to choose from. Granted, three of them are old models (and a fourth is old in spirit), but you might still be facing a tough decision. Join Gizmag, as we break down the features and specs of the five iPads you can buy today.
  • Last year, the iPad Air and Retina iPad mini were big steps forward for Apple's tablet line. With no obvious gaps to fill in 2014, how does Apple follow its own act? With the iPad Air 2 and (to a much lesser degree) the iPad mini 3.
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