Ever since Apple launched its Touch-ID fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5s, companies that make highly protective cases have been in a difficult position, as it's hard to keep water and dust out while allowing users access to the touch sensor. Now, though, Lifeproof has brought its nüüd line of cases to the iPhone 5s, with full support for Touch-ID.

As you might expect from Lifeproof, this case is waterproof, dirt-proof and protects against drops. Another key design of the nüüd case is that it offers direct access to the touch screen, instead of featuring a piece of plastic between the user and their device.

As water getting into the home button would quickly ruin a device, a very thin membrane has been added, which is thick enough to keep water out, but thin enough to allow the iPhone to read a user's fingerprint.

A quick look at the images lets you see that this case is surprisingly thin for the amount of protection Lifeproof claims it offers. It's not much bigger than the iPhone itself, and weighs in at 1.4 oz (41 g), which is relatively insignificant compared to the weight of the phone.

Lifeproof's new case is available now from the company website for US$89.99. That's certainly not a cheap case by any means, but when compared to the cost of replacing a broken iPhone 5s, it's not terrible.

Source: Lifeproof via TUAW

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