May 18, 2009 It is not always easy to find a functional and attractive baby sling. More often than not, they are difficult to put on, have too many buckles, are uncomfortable or come in a color that manages to clash with every outfit you wear. A new baby sling design from Liftt promises to offer support and comfort for both you and your baby and comes in a range of colors that is more likely to complement rather than clash with your wardrobe.

The Liftt baby carrier is designed so you carry your baby at your center of gravity. This means less neck and back strain and helps to keep your spine in alignment. The sling is tailor-made to individually fit you, has adequate width across the shoulders and back and is made from a double layer of stretch cotton to add extra comfort and support. As there are no clasps or buckles, the Liftt is more comfortable to wear than some baby slings.

The stretch back-panel makes it easy to lift baby in and out of the sling and holds your baby in a natural carrying position. This position makes it easy to breastfeed discreetly, allows your baby to make eye contact with you and feel swaddled and secure.

Designed to carry children from birth to two years of age, the Liftt allows the wearer to choose from numerous carrying positions. It has comfortable padding for baby’s arms and legs and as it is folds down into the size of a nappy, it fits easily into your nappy bag or handbag.

The Liftt is machine-washable and comes in a range of fabrics and prints, so you can mix and match with your outfits. There’s even a color that most fashion-conscious dads would be happy to wear. At this stage, it appears that Liftt is only available in the United Kingdom for GBP49.95 (about USD$75). See Liftt for more details.

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