LBO reveals miniature projection systems at CES

LBO reveals miniature projecti...
Light Blue Optics miniature projection platform
Light Blue Optics miniature projection platform
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Light Blue Optics miniature projection platform
Light Blue Optics miniature projection platform

January 11, 2008 Light Blue Optics unveiled a line of miniature projection systems at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week featuring an ultra-wide throw angle which enables large image projection at a close proximity to the aperture.

This ultra-wide throw angle design allows users to project images onto a tabletop from a small mobile device, and enables ultra thin rear-projection for automotive instrument clusters and Head-up Displays.

LBO’s miniature projection systems use laser light sources to create bright, full color, high-quality video images with the widest possible color gamut. The company says its patented holographic laser projection technology delivers high brightness, in-built laser speckle reduction, a throw angle greater than 90º, focus-free operation, low power consumption and a robust design that lends itself to miniaturization and low cost manufacture, making it ideal for deployment in consumer electronics and automotive markets.

The LBO projectors incorporate a fast-switching phase modulating FLCOS microdisplay with a 7x7mm active area, custom designed for LBO by development partners Displaytech Inc.

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